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What is Shindo®?


Shindo is a massage, stretch and relaxation exercises system designed to achieve balance of mind and body. Shindo gives strength and new ideas to people living in a time of great change. Shindo's approach to human is consistent. Each organ and energy canal have specific tasks to complete. Different states of imbalance (stress, physical-emotional stress) interfere with the natural balance of a person. With Shindo's techniques, you can achieve balance between the body and mind, releasing the body and mind from the physical and emotional strain that has accumulated. Shindo balances body energies.


Shindo® method is a registered trademark of Sensei (teacher) Kazuko Kuratom (Japan).

The website of Kazuko Kuratomi can be found here.


How was Shindo® born?


Shindo was born in Japan in the beginning of the 80s, with Sensei Kazuko Kuratomi's need to find a treatment for his daughter's asthma and allergy. In search of unnecessary help and response from doctors, she decided to find a solution from her childhood experiences. She found a touch and warmth. From one of the conferences on Eastern traditions, she found a book on foot massage and its meaning to a person. She tried it on her daughter every day, and after some time her daughter began to recover and then recover completely. Over time, Shindo has developed a comprehensive and versatile, yet easy self-help and self-care method for people of all ages and in different physical forms. The method is constantly evolving and improving, and is not related to any philosophical or religious flow. The continuous development and learning of the method, Sensei Kazuko Kuratomi encourages openness towards the new acquisition. It also brings new knowledge, forms and opportunities to the method.

Mis on Shindo®?