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The simple and unique Shindo method is intended for use by people who live in today's fast-changing world and care about their health. The Shindo method offers an opportunity to help yourself and your loved ones by learning relaxation and stretching exercises and simple massage techniques. The exercises are simple and suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and previous physical conditions. Those interested can learn Shindo, Jomon and Kuratomi methods in more detail by taking an exam at the end of the courses and getting a corresponding certificate from the Japan Shindo Association.

Possibility to order one-time trainings and presentations.


Shindo training

– 1st degree or assistant instructor course

-   Advanced course

- II degree or instructor's course

Shindo Level I or Assistant Instructor Course: 9 study days (approx. 50 hours).

Completion of Shindo Level I entitles you to instruct Shindo stretching classes and make introductions. Completion of Shindo I level does not give the right to perform Shindo massage.

In the first level course, the basic stretching of the six meridians alone and with support is learned and practiced, relaxation exercises, toe massage, back, hand, foot, head and back massage, the connection of Japanese culture with Shindo, the importance of touch. Other types of the Kuratomi method are introduced. One learns through one's own experience and through touch. The techniques learned in the Level I course are simple and easy to use to support yourself and your family.


Shindo Advanced Course:

Anyone who has completed level I training can participate in the course. You can join the course at any time, and passing it is a prerequisite for participating in the II level course.


The deep course is an important stage of Shindo practice. It will review the core course content, learn new techniques, prepare for a possible Level II course, and practice a more relaxed approach to the core course technique. They develop their own handwriting and become more thorough with their shots and more demanding with their positions.

It is recommended to participate in the in-depth course (at least 1 x a year) for instructors of stretching classes who do not plan to continue their studies in level II training. The goal is to maintain competence and personal development as a stretching class instructor.

Level II or Shindo instructor course: Divided over 2-3 years.

The course is based on the initial and in-depth course, Level II training days, instructor training days and participation in Level I training days as an assistant to the course instructor.

The course ends with a test for Kazuko Kuratomi. The cost of applying for an instructor certificate is 250 euros.

Holders of the certificate who use the Shindo method in their work (stretching class instructor, masseuse) are required to participate at least once a year in Shindo level I, deepening, level II, instructor or Kazuko Kuratom training day. The goal is to maintain and develop Shindo competence.

The Shindo and Kuratomi method are registered trademarks owned by their creator, Kazuko Kuratomi. In the Republic of Estonia, the use of the trademark is regulated by MTÜ Eesti Shindo Ühing.

Assistant instructor certificate holders can take part in Jomon and Kuratomi method courses.

JOMON training

Jomon stretching exercises are also a method based on self-help exercises. In the Jomon exercises, where the body is twisted while holding the toes with the fingers, they express the endless Jomon twisted string pattern that unites the inside and the outside into a single whole. Also, the spiral movements in leg exercises are similar to the twisting of vertical threads (threads) in Jomon textiles.

Jomon training consists of 5 different modules: A; B; C; D and E + stretching and massage resulting from the bon-bon dance.

The Jomon training is divided into 8 days and the price per day is 80 euros, the training is conducted by Kazuko Kuratomi himself.

KURATOM method training

Kuratom method e. The DNA method is a four-dimensional method that divides

1. Cuticle method, course 2 days - 10 hours, cost including certificate 250 eur

2. Sonkyo - stretching, 2 days - 10 hours, cost including certificate 250 eur

3. Space walking therapy, course 2 days - 10 hours, cost including certificate 250 eur

4. Special course - hot water bottle stretching, course 2 days - 10 hours, cost including certificate 250 eur



© Hiuwa Kawahara 2007

You must have noticed that some people succeed in certain exercises better than others, some achieve results faster and some get injured more easily. Why is it like that? This is answered by Mr. The Shiki method developed by Hiuwa Kawahara. Hiuwa Kawahara has been practicing as a karate coach for many years. As a coach, he noticed that some students got results faster and some students got injured more easily than others. Partly motivated by this, he thoroughly studied so-called oriental medicine, practiced the Shindo method, and over time, following and treating people on a daily basis, developed the SHIKI method.

According to the SHIKI method, people are divided into four different body types (A;B;C;D). Different body types come from our DNA-system and the structures of the main body types are found in our muscle system, expressing whether back or chest muscles and front or back thigh muscles are stronger, respectively. The purpose of SHIKI is to help and support people by balancing their central axis, so that they feel better, be happier and know their body from both the mental and physical aspects. The SHIKI method is suitable for anyone who wants to deal with themselves more thoroughly and help others. Sensei Kawahara tells more about how to determine the different types and how to apply it in everyday life (balancing the body - relaxation, more effective training, sports or dealing with clients - counseling). The introduction takes place by doing it yourself: we determine each other's muscle type and try exercises-movements specific to each type.


24. september kell 12.00 Süvendav ja II aste (Viimane koolitus Tallinnas!)  (Tallinnas, Müürivahe 17)

25. september kell 12.00 Instruktorid (Tallinnas, Müürivahe 17)

1. oktoober kell 11.15 II astme kursus + instruktorid (Pärnus, Ringi 11)


6.11.22  11.45  II aste+instruktorid, kui te pole käinud aasta II astmes, palun tulge enne süvendavasse





21 - 22.10.22  Pärnus Ringi 11 reedel 17.15  laupäeval 11.15 - 16.30

25 - 26.11.22 ikka Pärnu ja kellaajad  samad

03.12   11.15  Shindo II aste